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"Pretty bold to open with a cover song, but you totally owned it." - Kerry Gogan, Creative Producer of Grammy Winning Record Love's River - Music Management/Consultant, Taiji Warrior, Entertainment Bookings Exec at Fathead Records

Fire and Other Playthings is the second release from indie pop rock duo Solveig & Stevie. A sexy and thrilling mix of rock and pop, Solveig's distinctive female vocal blends pleasingly with Stevie's close harmonies and highly original bass lines. Guitar-driven tracks are spiced with pop keyboard hooks that reach back to the nostalgia of 70s and 80s pop rock. Strong song-writing evokes groups like Fleetwood Mac and the Cranberries. There is no lack of emotion in this album: the hooks will draw you in, but the lyrics bring you back for a second listen.

The album opens with a cover of Jimi Hendrix's song Fire, but not like any you've ever heard before. The second track, Light The Fire, is an anthem to self-empowerment that starts with a Hammond organ intro and a thrilling bass part. Bridges brings strong and rich vocal harmonies from Solveig and Steve, and Giddy Up shakes it up and rocks it, with a guitar and bass groove locked in. Little Bird calms with dreamy, jazzy syncopated vocals and hypnotic keyboards playing off an inspired and complex fretless bass counter-melody. The Rolling Stones cover, Play With Fire, is next, with the trademark Solveig & Stevie harmonies. Superwoman is backed by Clapton-like tasty guitar, but finishes with an epic, Sargent Pepper-inspired electric organ crescendo. Wishing Well is a sweet duo with harmonies that play out between Solveig & Stevie. The last song on the album, Creation, again features Solveig's strong female vocals with a lyrically philosophical message and a peep of flute solo.