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Three years have passed since Saint Alvia released a full length album, and now these two–time JUNO nominees are back with their finest body of work to date — Static Psalms (February 2013), a 13–track punk–fueled anthemic sing–along that will compel listeners to join in. Formed by members of beloved Canadian punk rock acts Jersey, Grade, Boys Night Out and The Video Dead, Saint Alvia consists of Greg Taylor, Ben Rispin, Jon Laurin, Greg Fisher, Matt Richmond and Adam Michael. The new album Static Psalms was co–produced by Taylor and famed producer Greig Nori in their home–built studio, The Mortar Room. A brand of their own that continues to push musical boundaries, (the) Saint Alvia (cartel) show no signs of slowing down. Look for the band on tour this winter in support of their new album Static Psalms (Divergent.)