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Starlite Radio’s playful mix of folk, rock and pop has earned them fans and acclaim across the Midwest. Themes of longing and hope weave their way through their songwriting with strong vocals and creative instrumentation. Every melody and lyric springs from their deep love and appreciation for music, and their belief that it is a gift meant be shared.

Based out of Rockford, Illinois, the McDonalds — David, Jessica, Jordan and Nathan — have been writing and performing together since 2002. They’ve released two full-length albums, 22 Blackbirds and Live Life Slow, earning them Composer of the Year for 2008 and 2012 from the Rockford Area Music Industry. In 2016, they released a 5-song EP, I Need Love, and their third full-length album, Grain of the Sky. They are going on hiatus in 2017.