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"Sequels suck! Oh please, please! By definition alone, sequels are inferior....." Randy - Scream 2

Rob Lane (People on Vacation / TCC) disagrees, especially when it comes to his Movie Soundtrack / Pop Culture Music Project, STRAIGHT TO VIDEO. Following the great response to the first STV EP released back in 2013, Lane, once again armed with his little Black Book of Music Contacts, has dived head first into a full album's worth of Movie Soundtrack Cover Songs.

Riding high on the back of a hugely successful Pledge Music Campaign, which hit over 200% Funding, 'STRAIGHT 2 VIDEO - The Sequel Has Landed', works on the premise of ‘Bigger is Better’ when it comes to creating this new album.

“I loved the fact that when people heard the first collection of songs, they said how much fun everything sounded. That’s pretty much the only blueprint – I’ve no idea how it’s gonna turn out so let’s just go in and have some fun paying tribute to some great films and the songs that often define them!”

The new album is uniquely split between an A Side of 1980s Movie songs (including tracks from ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’), whilst the B Side boasts many alt-rock infused anthems from the 1990s (such as ‘Empire Records’ and ‘Singles’). When it came to choosing the musicians to help be a part of each song, Lane admits that the songs pretty much dictated it themselves.

“The last thing I wanna do is to have to force someone onto the album just for the hell of it. Picking someone who can add something to a particular song because of their style and playing has always been very important!”

This time around, Straight To Video enlists the help of People On Vacation’s Ryan Hamilton, Paul Miro (Apes, Pigs & Spacemen) and even Canadian Rock Legend turned Cage Fighter Robin Black are just a few of over 30 musicians involved!