From Taylor Castleberry

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Taylor is a small town Texas boy with Texas sized dreams.  His signature sound characterized by catchy melodies and bluesy progressions give his music a unique feel.  "It's always been difficult to place my music in a genre, but when people ask I just's chill," says Taylor.  His inspirations include Jack Johnson, Matt Thiessen(Relient K), Adam Young(Owl City), and others.  "I admire artists on a platform as large as the music industry, who use their talent to bring glory to Christ. That's powerful," says Taylor.  "If I do that, I'm doing well." Taylor writes in such a way that makes listening easy, and his positive topics such as love and imagination are reiterated themes in his music. It all comes down to him, his guitar, and a good metaphor or two.    Taylor is currently working diligently to market his new EP, "JET PLANE," which features 6 original songs.  Being his first release to date, he is excited to get his music to the public.