From Taylor Turner

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Dallas based singer-songwriter and film composer, Taylor Turner, is doing what he would call "discovering music", rather than making it. As if he is excavating songs written on his heart before he was born. His innovative sound combines pop sensibility with the aching heart of epic, romantic film scores.Creating volumes of unreleased music over the years, he has found a certain sound and voice that has stemmed from exploring and experiencing the beautiful polarity of God's intimacy and infinity. It's that 'split-screen' of tenderness and ferocity that has seemed to be saturated organically throughout Turner's music. Much like the "on or off" personality that Taylor possesses; the personality he has learned to navigate through in his own life over the years. Much like the beautiful God of creation that he has come to know and love.So for those searching to explore that same sense of 'familiar mystery' when they look into the sky- or in this case- listen to music, Taylor Turner's music gets straight to the heart of the matter.