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the Boasting Weak is an eclectic mingling of singer-songwriter, rock, folk, and jazz styles with significant lyrics and distinctive harmonies. The band consists of happy couple, Jared and Mary Beth Dragoun, and (on occasion) other sensational musicians who come along for the ride.

Mary Beth (Cox) Dragoun grew up singing in Tennessee, performing at churches, youth camps, and various venues around Nashville. She was professionally trained in opera, but chooses to rebel vocally from that style and rock it out.

Jared Dragoun grew up in California, and also played music regularly at church. He took piano lessons for 10 years, ditched his classical training, and now plays in a style that has no explanation, using piano, guitar and sometimes other trinkety music-makers.

Jared and Mary Beth met as juniors in college (Middle Tennessee State University) and were married a couple of months before graduation. They moved to California in 2005, and now live in North Hollywood, CA.