From The Fisherman & The Sea

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Hospitalized with pneumonia in late 2016 and suffering a near complete physical breakdown in the wake of it, this unexpected situation served as a wake-up call for singer-songwriter Jon Eden. Abandoning all lofty ideas of recording his debut album in a studio with a band, fancy equipment and a producer, he instead went into guerrilla mode and decided to do it all on his own. "It felt like the time for excuses was over. I'd been pushing and shoving back and forth with these songs for a while, always coming up with an excuse why not to do it just now. Those endless weeks chained to my bed watching nothing happen changed that" Jon Eden, aka The Fisherman, explains. Drawing on the raw and gritty sound from some of his favourite records by Elliott Smith and Nick Drake and inspired by his childhood hero Noel Gallagher, The Fisherman started to record his 20+ song catalogue at home and formed his band The Sea in the process.

On New Year's Day 2017 he created a hub for his musical endeavours called Neck of the Woods Records, spent the next months perfecting the sound of The Fisherman & The Sea and released their first EP 'Beggar Princess' in August 2017 via his own label.

On their debut EP 'Beggar Princess' the band's melodic scandinavian melancholy meets a boisterous universal hopefulness, exploring the light and the dark in us, utilizing a variety of musical emotion from grunge to folk and pop to ambience.