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The Folded Faces is a band of friends brought together by fate, in the form of higher education, to bring soul into the realm of Indie Rock. Frontman Ben Webster, drummer Jeremy Berkin, bassist Colin Lubinski, and, last but not least, guitarist Brendan Monahan are rocking, rolling, crooning, and turning heads. The four gentlemen all came from starkly different backgrounds in starkly different parts of the country to end up living and working together within the square mile sized chunk of Philadelphia known as Drexel University. Fighting through initial hardship including the eventual departure of the original lead guitarist, The Folded Faces persevered to release two 3 song EPs over the course of 2013.

They released their first, exploratory EP entitled “Just The Tip” in the spring. It acquired some local acclaim, including a write up in local music blog Building on the success of “Just The Tip,” The Folded Faces set out to build a reputation as eloquent, energetic performers and played lauded shows at various Philadelphia venues including The Fire, New Leaf Club, and Drexel University’s own venue Flux.

Around all of this, and being full-time students and part-time laborers, The Folded Faces managed to find some time to get back in the studio. They recorded three new songs that were released in the winter of 2013 under the moniker “How We Spent Our Summer Vacation.” “How We Spent Our Summer Vacation” is a little darker than “Just The Tip,” which can be credited the various struggles the band faced, and attracted some industry attention. Local record label Wreck It Records came calling, hoping to work with the band, and The Folded Faces will be releasing a five song EP.