From The Frogman Experience

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The Frogman Experience embraces the theatrical, performing, rather than playing, a mix of funk, folk, punk and rock opera while wearing vibrant costumes and masks. Led by frontman Justin Mosley (The Frogman), the band’s cast of characters includes Andrew the Wizard, Bushman, Birdman, Fishman, Papaya Pete, The Elephant King and The Bear Knight. Together this band of musicians and actors lead audiences on a trip into the great fantastic, incorporating dancing, acting and even play fighting into their live shows.

The Experience came together after The Frogman underwent a powerful healing ceremony. “During the ceremony, I was visited by a frog spirit,” he says, “who showed me myself, wearing this frog mask, and helping the people out of their struggles—showing them that the struggle was within themselves, not something external.” Inspired by this vision, Frogman made a mask and began busking on his acoustic bass in downtown Santa Cruz. Eventually a small group of performers joined his quest to help people through music; several months later,The Frogman Experience started selling out local venues and landed an opening spot at the Santa Cruz Music Festival.