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"The Goodly Beggars are making honest folk music that feels fresh and genuine. It's the kind of music that reveals itself in layers and has something to fresh to offer each listen." - Ear to the Ground Music The Goodly Beggars formed in 2009 when childhood friends Charles Atkinson and Philip Barrows ended up at the same small liberal arts school and began writing and playing music together. In 2011 they had the chance to record their songs, most in a single take to preserve the raw, live energy. And somewhere in between the sandwich runs and the midnight sessions in which you happen to run into an entire chorus of friends who would sound perfect for "Moss Cathedrals" (or capture THE saxophone solo for "Yunnan") Chew the Pages EP was born. --- See The Goodly Beggar's 2012 interview with Ear to the Ground Music about the meaning of the band name, EP name, and more: