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An album of heartfelt blue eyed soul music from the Jaggerz. Enjoy tunes from the Jaggerz 1969 Gamble and Huff produced debut album "Introducing the Jaggerz" including "Together," "Let Me Be Your Man," and "I Gotta Find My Way Back Home". Hear the Jaggerz stirring arrangements of the Five Stairsteps' "Don't Waste Your Time," the Manhattans' "Kiss and Say Goodbye," the Four Tops' "Love Music," and a medley of the O'Jays' "Stand in for Love," and the Sensations' "Please Baby Please". "Feels Goods", an original song by Hermie Granati, features tasty guitar hooks from guest soloist David Granati.

Performing on this release are founding Jaggerz members lead singer Jimmie Ross guitarist, Eugene "Benny" Faiella, and drummer Jim "Pugs" Pugliano along with Dennis McAbee, and Jamie Peck. Returning member Hermie Granati wrote the orchestrations, performed on keyboards and vocals, and co-produced the recording with Jimmie Ross. It was recorded at Dave World Studio by engineer David Granati.

Track Listing: 1. TOGETHER - 3:34 Razor Sharpe/Double Diamond Music (BMI) 2. MOVE ACROSS THE RIVER - 3:16 Assorted Music (BMI) 3. FEELS GOOD - 4:44 Granati Music (BMI) 4. LET ME BE YOUR MAN - 4:10 Ripete Music (BMI) 5. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME - 3:24 Camad Music (BMI) 6. STAND IN FOR LOVE/PLEASE BABY PLEASE - 7:02 Metric Music/Barnew Music (BMI) - Outwaite Music (BMI) 7. LOVE MUSIC - 4:35 ABC/Dunhill Music (BMI) 8. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU - 3:37 Assorted Music (BMI) 9. KISS AND SAY GOODBYE - 4:36 W.Lovett CBS 10. GOTTA FIND MY WAY BACK HOME - 3:47 World War III Music (BMI)