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"Big truth and beautiful sounds are a powerful combination. The Joy Eternal has touched me both ways. One of my biblical sieves for what is real is the apostolic word “sorrowful yet always rejoicing.” I hear that in these songs, and they ring true. Beautifully true. May God give them wings." - John Piper "A Sweet and Bitter Providence" is an EP that seeks to mourn with those who mourn and encourage them to trust God when trouble in near. We're not interested in anecdotal one-time remedies. Pain is real. We've seen it. We've experienced it. And we don't want to treat it lightly. Healing takes time. And healing is easier when others get down in the trenches with you...just to be with you. This is what this short album is intended to do. Get it for free here on NoiseTrade, or buy it on iTunes or Amazon. Tips are welcome!