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The Lesser Light Collective began in Philadelphia, PA and is made up of Seventh-day Adventist musicians, graphic designers and filmmakers from all over the world pointing to the greater light, Jesus Christ through the books of Daniel & Revelation. The purpose of the ministry is two-fold. One, to raise awareness of the Prophecies in a church that uses Revelation 14:6-12 as it's marching orders and two, to encourage Adventist creatives to use their talents for Jesus.

The Collective consists of 30 musicians including Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, Neville Peter, Lee G, Delon Lawrence, Jaime Jorge, Laura Whidden, Alison Brook aka Nosila, Justin McLaughlin, Andrew Carrol, Glonaida Quiapon, Roxanne Horrell, John Millea, Jacqueline Jewel, Joshua Cunningham, Naomi Jackson, Christa Deana, Matthew Resendez, Billy Otto, David Kim, Nwamiko Madden, Sally Atari, Ranny Wenur, Giselle Satterwhite & Nick Snell and makes music based on books of the Bible like Michael Card with various musical styles reminiscent of Jon Foreman, Josh Garrels and Beautiful Eulogy. The genesis of the Collective was Jennifer Schwirzer putting the book of Revelation to poetry in her morning Bible study time, then deciding to turn those poems into songs and reaching out to her friends to make it happen. This group has made albums based on the book of Revelation (The Lamb Wins, 2013), the book of Daniel (The King Dreams, 2016) in addition to a Daniel & Revelation adult coloring and devotional book (Vibrant Visions, 2017). Lee G and his wife Hillary toured during 2016-2017, sharing the music in over 30 states and are currently helping to developing a Lesser Light Collective internship program with Jennifer Swchirzer helping budding musicianaries share the Gospel in song.