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Boston alternative popsters The Push Stars debuted in 1996 with an album for the now-defunct Imago label, “Meet Me at the Fair”; from there, they self-released the 1997 EP “Tonight” and landed a spot on the soundtrack for the popular romantic comedy, “There's Something About Mary” with the song “Everything Shines.”

As the buzz grew on the band, Capitol Records signed them up, issuing their major-label debut album “After the Party” in 1999. “Opening Time” followed in spring 2001. In March 2004, the band released “Paint The Town” to much critical acclaim and fanfare. After more than a year of touring in support of the album, the band decided to go on indefinite hiatus.

While the band never officially broke up, live performances have been few and far between in the last decade. However, 2017 sees the band back on stage and heading into the studio for a brand new album due this September. To celebrate the new album, the band offers up a NoiseTrade exclusive Deluxe Edition of the “Paint The Town” album with 3 unreleased bonus tracks.