From The Rear Facing Seat

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We are a husband and wife duo with a narrative song writing style and folk/Americana sound. While we have sung together for some time, we just recently produced our first album, “Domestic Bliss(ters).”

Our album, chronicles our journey on the fine -line between "Domestic Bliss" and "Domestic Blisters" - the term we've coined to refer to the pain that can be felt while navigating through a "happily married life" with someone else. After getting married in our late 20's, both with careers fully established and very different dreams being chased, it's been a difficult road to figure out what our true priorities are and how we can follow them together without conflict. Unfortunately, in our attempt to write "our story," conflict arises constantly as we try to map out the story of our life. Thus, many arguments have been had and many songs have been written. Through these songs, we were able to communicate some of our greatest struggles, and by putting them into words, we were able to put them to rest.

Shortly after producing our album we bought our second "vintage" Volvo 240 station wagon. Our son loves to sit in the back - in the rear facing seat. We love how the perspective he gains sitting back there is so different from ours as we sit in the front seat. As we drive, we know where we are going, we see the signposts ahead of time, and we make decisions with all the information ahead of us. He, however, only sees the back of the signs and can only trace where we are going by what we have passed - by where we have been. While he is back there, looking out the window, engaging in childhood fantasy and wonder, he also has a limited perspective and little control over the direction we are headed. We realized that our son's perspective (no matter how limited or different from ours) is much more like real life than our perspective in the front. As we create our life story, we don't get clear signage to help us find our direction.

We navigate so much of our lives without clear direction and without clear answers, and it seems that as our story unfolds there are more and more things we face without anything mapping the way for us - We make choices, enter marriage, become parents, navigate marital conflict - and we do it without much guidance. We learn through what we've been through, from where we’ve been…as we watch lives pass by and stories unfold from the rear facing seat.

We hope that our struggles spoken through song can help illuminate a road sign for others who are sitting in the rear facing seat.