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The Slackwater News is a musical group from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We spend lots of time together crafting creative, meaningful, and tight arrangements that serve the motive of our songs. Sometimes that motive doesn't become clear until we huddle together in a windowless room and chip away at it with wooden axes and dissolve its tough outer shell with contemporary elixirs. We rehearse and record in a studio we put together in an old warehouse in the historic district of the city, where we recorded our debut EP, "All You Creatures," and our soon-to-be released full-length "Graveyard Mates". We play electric rock music that owes to psychedelic, indie, and classic rock and pop. People always say we have a unique sound, but have compared our music to the Beatles, The Kinks, and Pavement. "Psychedelic Indie Rock" might sum it up as well as three words can.