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It's time to GET RIGHT. 3/4/14

The Soft White Sixties debut album, GET RIGHT., drops March 4th! In preparation of the new release we have put together a Noisetrade only sampler featuring a collection of new, old, and unreleased favorites. Out of these five tracks we've gathered a pair of songs from the new album, a pair from our first EP in 2011, and a bonus track you can only find here! Download away and be sure to pass this along to the masses. Also around the album release we will be touring around the western US with a kick off at San Francisco's NoisePop, shows in LA, and a trip out to Austin for SXSW. Hit us up on Twitter (@thesoftwhite60s) and tell us what you think!

1. City Lights (GET RIGHT.)

2. When This All Started (2011 EP)

3. Queen of the Press Club (2011 EP)

4. Lemon Squeezer (GET RIGHT.)

5. Knock It Loose (Unreleased)