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2008 LP.

In spring, Tracks 6, 11 & 13 Produced and Engineered by JEFF TOMEI at Cock of the Walk, Atlanta.

In summer, Tracks 4,8 &9 Produced by TED NICELEY at Glow In The Dark, Atlanta.

In autumn, Tracks 1-3, 7 & 9 Produced and Engineered by MATT GOLDMAN at Glow In The Dark, Atlanta.

In winter, Mixed by ELI JANNEY at Ishlab, New York. Mastered by HOWIE WEINBERG at Masterdisk, New York.

Cover Painting by DENNIS CAMPAY ( Graphic Design by PHILLIP DWYER (

THE SWEAR are: Elizabeth Elkins (vocals / guitar), Jeremy Zamora (guitar), Kevin Williams (bass / vocals), Jerod Snider (drums)