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The music and lyrics of Apollo are written by Taylor Swindells.

"I guess as the person who wrote the lyrics, it falls on me to explain the story behind with this album. In all honesty I’m not sure I really knew what it was saying when I first wrote it. The full impact of the record hit me while we were in the studio working on our second set of recording sessions. I promptly hit a wall and became a royal pain to work with, but our producer Jordan straightened me out pretty quickly. I hit a depressive streak because I realized that I had subconsciously penned all of my inner frustrations into what I had originally believed was a completely neutral album. Everything I was afraid of, everything I was feeling was painfully transparent to me as I heard the album come to life and the obvious scared me. We had just come through one of the most explosive years we could have dreamed of for our career and I definitely felt the pressure to create something worthy of the success we’d had .

Granted this pressure was probably imaginary, but that is where this album came from: a make believe internal Cold War between my innate desire to create something that matters and my fear of never being to make anything of significance. We fought hard to push past our natural tendencies; to venture into unknown territory; to make something that would transport the listener into the headspace of where we were as a band and the history of one of the most remarkable accomplishments humanity has ever achieved. We intended this album to be enjoyed as a complete work with a good pair of headphones. It pairs well visually with science fiction and documentaries. And a glass of scotch, of course."

This recording was made possible through the generosity of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, 102.7 The PEAK, and Music BC. We would also like to thank our friends, families and communities for making this album a reality. Special thanks to Dan Klenner, Jordan Klassen, Colin Stewart, Brock McFarlane, Alex Wyder, the band wives (Michelle Parry, Lauren Quezada, Louise Swindells), Brian Chan, Harley Small , and Brian Chan . We love you all and are eternally grateful.