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Timothy Walker is a folk musician from the Atlanta area who performs and writes music under the project alias Threadbare, Brother. Timothy explores the beauty of songwriting through lyrical depth and poetic imagery. He is fascinated by the music's propensity to tell stories and convey rich meaning. His songwriting style is influenced by the likes of Ray LaMontange, Sandra McCracken, Derek Webb, Patty Griffin, Sufjan Stevens and Bob Dylan. Timothy believes that in the sacredness of language, along with it's literary manifestations. Timothy is particularly fond of novels and poetry. Some of his favorite novelists are Hermann Hesse, Flannery O'Connor, and George MacDonald. As far as poets go, there are far too many to mention, but the poetry of the English Romantics has always made his soul rejoice. This group of songs is a collection of demos. If you would like to listen to or purchase TB's full length please visit the sites below.