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Everything Takes Forever was Tom's second CD, released in 2007. CD Baby selected it as a “Top Editor’s Pick” in 2008. From the review: Despite how cliché it might sound, from the very first bar to the very last, Everything Takes Forever mesmerizes its audience like catnip, never once letting go long enough for the listener to catch his breath … these songs are simultaneously dark, textured, sparse and lush, liquidy and weightless. Don’t let it surprise you if the album both breaks your heart and mends it in the same listen; these songs are made from those bittersweet emotions like laughing through tears or somehow seeing the exquisite beauty of your own pain. Simply put, if you only buy one folk or rock album this month, this should be it. The CD Baby spotlight led to broader interest and song placements in TV and film, including three from this album: “Even So” (Ghost Whisperer), “Here and Now” (Hall Pass, DVD) and “The First Thing” (Being Human).