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The grey inconclusive nature of life felt paralyzing at times this year. In the midst of liminal spaces, fidelity was a reoccurring hope where there weren’t conclusions. And though we often operated out of a grey area of knowledge, it became an ongoing observation that fidelity to hope seemed more important than having answers. Fidelity to our marriages seemed more important than being right or getting our way. Fidelity to vulnerability seemed more important than protecting ourselves from the inevitable pain of community. Fidelity to social justice and human rights seemed more important than protecting our image or privilege. Our hope for these songs is to invite you not into certainty, but into devotion to hope. A place we tried to operate in despite not being able to know or see the full outcome of that devotion.

These are the poems of our year of “Grey Fidelity”.

This album also includes an exclusive audio track, which features a dialogue with Kyle & Gretta Miller. Hear their thoughts & reflections on the album a year after it's release (only available through Noisetrade).

If you're interested, you can also get more audio diaries, exclusive demos, and more from Tow'rs by joining their fan community on Bandcamp (