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Just in time for the holiday season, Treehouse Sanctum releases their take on the Christmas song, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. With a steady, wandering cadence, the song is a dark exultant lullaby for those seeking a fresh take on the classic hymn. Its minimal instrumentation is full of lush harmonies that blanket the melodies like a white blanket of snow. The single was recorded at The Keep (Denver, CO) and is approved for download and posting.

The band captures a lush essence and puts a personalized spin on “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. A stripped down and intimate arrangement of acoustic guitar, cajón drum, and sleigh bells fit neatly in between a warm, dignified cello. The familiar melody soothes and settles as images of a warm fireplace crackle comes to life. Treehouse Sanctum members Sam Rymer and Danya Lynn Uptegrove sing in lush complement to one another while the rhythm passes through. Rymer reflects on the single saying, “So many people have told us it is their favorite Christmas song, and it’s certainly ours. We look forward to having this song played each year.”