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TRELLA, growing up on Florida beaches, was influenced by The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson's songwriting to pick up a guitar and start writing songs. A preacher's kid, she got her start in music as a Christian songwriter at a young age, performing in front of family and friends starting in preschool in choirs, ensembles and musicals. When the time came, she decided to forego a traditional university experience to instead move to Nashville where she jumped straight into the thriving songwriting community. While writing for other people, she kept a few personal songs close to her. "I felt like I had a handful of songs that were calling for me to sing them. They were so vulnerable and close to my heart, I felt like it was my story to tell." In the summer of 2015, in collaboration with her friend, songwriter/producer, Aaron Krause, she started working on her EP, Vapor.

Released on March 17, 2017, Vapor has accumulated over 2 million streams on Spotify. Her soulful vocals are rallying the heartstrings of the internet. She continues to create music that inspires, uplifts and motivates.