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Many will come – few will be chosen. Those few are Lance Cook, Kyle Holder, Andrew Smith, Josh Kottke and Jordan Hays, otherwise known as Visible Worship. The story starts out something like this: auditions went down at Visible Music College. Student musicians felt called by God to this opportunity. They played. They rocked. They clicked. Now they’re here, signed to Madison Line Records, preparing to record their debut EP and looking ahead to a summer tour.

Visible Worship offers an exciting, seasoned, multi-dimensional sound. Many musical influences can be heard in their songs, and they bring this variety together to form a versatile and unique sound. The intricate, ambient tones of the modern worship style meets the crisp, classic sounds of Americana and Rock-N-Roll. Then add in a tight, genuine, heart-felt combination of vocals. This is the truth of God displayed through a cohesive variety of musical tones. This is Visible Worship. Band Members: Lance, songwriting major from Palestine, Texas, plays acoustic guitar. Kyle, from Apex, N.C., brings in the bass. Josh, from Fon du Lac, Wisc., is keeping the beat. Andrew, of Memphis, plays electric guitar and joins – last, but certainly not least – Jordan, also of Memphis, on lead vocals.