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Love you guys. Thanks so much for listening to our music. New Album coming spring 2018!

Gingerbread is about my own frustration with my obsession to portray myself differently than I really am, whether on social media or in real life.

Yesterday is a song I wrote about my wife. (We’ve been married for 16 months.) I love her and I wrote this song about how conflict can look over the course of our whole lives.

Thursday - this one is a long story, but in short, it’s about my heartfelt desire to escape the apathetic mindset that often accompanies work, whether in my old job as an accountant or in my current job as a musician.

If you’re curious for a longer explanation of any song or anything, feel free to ask me. I’m just another regular person.

Thanks so much for listening and we hope you like these songs and that they mean as much to you as they do to us.

Love you!

-Jonathan (from Wayward)