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Recorded and re-recorded and re-recorded in various bedrooms, studios, laundry rooms, and cabins Caleb Killian's debut release as Your Friendly Neighborhood has been nearly three years in the making. Written while at university in Montana, Overflow was discovered in the place between gratitude and grief, between being and becoming, between the going and the gone. These songs are the marriage of conflicting realities trying to make a home in the same space, content without a victor or conclusion. Exploring concepts of solitude, gratitude, self-deception, self-doubt, and grace Overflow is a statement of abundance recognizing the heart that is beating through and sustaining all seasons.

"The indie-rock of Your Friendly Neighborhood‘s Overflow is a ship in a bottle: each tune is wild, rambling, and yet still carefully developed; lush, expansive, yet carefully defined...I have puzzled and pondered over this record as I’ve listened to it repeatedly, and I still feel like I’m just getting to know it. It has depth...Overflow has the free-flowing soul of a poet filtered through the meticulous approach of a careful editor. In short, it’s as beautiful and mesmerizing as a ship in a bottle, and just as expertly crafted."

- Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

Full Record Out 10.27.17 // Pre-Order through iTunes today!