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On the surface, Young Collective may just appear to be one man and his studio. However, for anyone that has listened to a Young Collective track, they can tell you that there is much more to it than that. These songs possess a kind of spirit that transcends mere keystrokes and synth waves.

Zane Callister, a Kansas City native and the creator of Young Collective, is no stranger to songwriting. With the variety his songs possess, they could just as easily find their home in a beautiful documentary as well as a dark nightclub. But it’s not so much where the songs could fit in, as in where they take the listener. Young Collective songs allow the listener to escape the realistic confines of our world and be taken to another place. Places without restrictions and walls and gravity. Young Collective songs exist to put the listener in a place of excitement, exploration, adventure, and clarity.

Not intended for commercial use. For commercial licensing please contact via email Youngcollectivemedia@gmail.com