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Young Harbor was founded by Jake Jones and his two best friends in August of 2014. The band decided to work on music quietly until ready to hit the stage. As preparation began, life took many unexpected turns for the band members; marriage and college began to take priority over the once serious pursuit. Not long after, Jake found himself praying, "God if this is not your will, please take this band away from me." Jake ended up recruiting a young preacher by the name of Tyler Lowe, to play electric guitar. With Tyler now committed, Young Harbor started playing more shows and engaging with the community on a new level. Not long after, Alex Williams was invited to play bass guitar, and his wife Noby to play keys. Alex began to see the band's potential and recruited his childhood best friend, Tayler Mcnett, to play drums. When Tyler saw the new member change he decided it was a good time to recruit Kyra Babinski to help with songwriting and guitar. As of yet, Young Harbor has been invited to be a part of vital moments in the community such as leading worship for UNITE, a youth gathering event, as well as being invited to play at the Creation Northwest Festival in August of 2016.