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Symphony - I wrote this and then sang and played it for Katie to propose to her. This recording was playing for our first dance at our reception.

Always Faithful – This one has ideas in it that I wanted to communicate to Katie while I washed her feet during the wedding ceremony, symbolically showing the sacrificial service I will show her (by God's grace), because of the sacrificial service Christ showed me on the cross (which is God's grace). Jesus washed His disciples' feet to show His sacrificial, servant-like love.

Katie's Processional – I only had a few generic ideas when I came to Brian (check out the album credits). I knew this was going to be in the key of C (only white notes on the piano, purity, holiness), that it would be in 7/4 time (7 being a number of completion in the Bible), and that the root of the chord would not hit 1 (the tonic of the scale, indicating finality or at least resolution) until Katie entered and began walking down the isle. That’s also the point at which I wanted the meter to switch to 4/4, making it feel very different, but very natural. Brian then took those ideas and went to work, writing the majority of what you hear. He also wrote the beautiful, soaring string line at the end, which still makes me cry.